Supporting Worries & Anxiety: Elementary School Bundle

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  • Ages: 5-12
  • Format: Paperback
  • Published: 2023


It seems increasingly common these days that children are overwhelmed by worries and anxiety. This budget-saving bundle includes four compassionate books that support children in understanding their anxiety and where it comes from—and then in learning how to manage it themselves. With child-friendly language, engaging illustrations, lessons, and activities these books empower children through a variety of ways to explore their thoughts and feelings and use self-calming strategies and exercises to relax, focus, and rely on their positive feelings, thoughts, and responses.


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The Power of Thought on Feelings

This wonderfully illustrated children's book not only introduces young readers to the concept of thought but also to the amazing power of their own thoughts and feelings. Through a rhyming poem, the authors communicate a simple yet profound message: our thoughts create our feelings and behavior, and when our minds are calm, we have access to mindful, healthy feelings and responses. A perfect read-aloud for parents and an important book for all early primary school teachers to share in their mainstream classes. Use this book as a powerful metacognitive teaching tool. Download the 10 Lesson Plans and Activities. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately at full price.

Starving the Anxiety Gremlin for Children

Help kids ages 5-9 understand and manage their anxiety with this engaging and imaginative workbook. Readers are introduced to the anxiety gremlin who feeds and grows on their anxious feelings, and the more anxious they feel, the more powerful it becomes! Packed with puzzles, games, and coloring and drawing activities based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this practical and fun book helps children learn strategies to minimize their anxieties by reexamining how they think and act--and empowers them to give the anxiety gremlin the boot. An excellent resource for parents and professionals. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately at full price.

Hey Warrior: A Book for Kids About Anxiety

Empower children to manage their anxiety by learning that it comes from a place of protective strength within their brains—the amygdala—a tiny but fierce personal “warrior” that prepares us to fight or flee danger, even when we don’t need or want its protection! Wonderful illustrations and keen insights gently teach children how to be the boss of their brains and let their warriors know when to stand down and relax through positive thinking and breathing exercises. By understanding the physical science of anxiety and why their brains produce it, children can then learn to master it as a positive, friendly superpower. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately at full price.

When My Worries Get Too Big! A Relaxation Book for Children Who Live with Anxiety

The thought of "losing control" can cause major problems for children who live with anxiety. Now, parents, teachers, and students have a helpful tool that provides young children with the opportunity to explore their own feelings with parents or teachers as they experience and react to events in their daily lives. Engaging and easy to read, this award-winning and illustrated children's book is filled with opportunities for children to participate in developing their own self-calming strategies to feel relaxed and ready to focus on work—or play. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately at full price.

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