The Zones of Regulation Series

Award-winning resources to teach self-regulation strategies for managing one's feelings across developmental ages.

10 years of helping students—over 260,000 copies of The Zones of Regulation curriculum sold worldwide!

The Zones of Regulation is an award-winning social emotional learning series that has been adopted across thousands of mainstream classrooms worldwide. Students ages 4-18+ learn how to organize their feelings into four different Zones and use metacognitive strategies to regulate within specific Zones to meet their personal, organizational, and social goals. The best-selling and easy-to-teach curriculum provides important practical social emotional learning tools to practice regulation of one’s feelings across situations at home, school, and in the community.

We invite you to explore all resources within The Zones of Regulation series—you'll find flexible options for teaching self-regulation concepts, strategies, and tools more deeply within specific developmental age groups, along with discounted bundles, digital products, and free stuff!

The Zones of Regulation

A Popular Social Emotional Curriculum to Foster Regulation Across Ages 4-18+


The Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is a framework and easy-to-use curriculum for teaching regulation strategies for managing feelings and sensory needs to children, students, and clients ages 4+. Rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, the framework uses four colors to help individuals identify how they are feeling in the moment given their energy, feelings, and level of alertness. By understanding how to read their bodies, detect triggers, think about the social context, and consider their reactions, individuals learn a system for how to increase their ability to regulate their feelings, manage their sensory needs, and become more self-aware and skillful problem solvers.
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Award-Winning Zones of Regulation Tools & Resources for Primary School Ages 5-11

Engage children in learning about their feelings and emotional zones with two charming, illustrated storybooks (The Road to Regulation and The Regulation Station, sold as a one-product set), The Road to Regulation Poster, which summarizes an important learning pathway, and a hands-on regulation strategy-filled Tools to Try for Cards for Kids card deck. These visual, multisensory products function at their best when all used together to supplement The Zones of Regulation curriculum. The storybooks and very practical card deck, which provides over 50 tools and strategies, can also easily be used at home and in the community to extend learning about managing within one’s Zones of Regulation. The Tools to Try Cards for Kids card deck and the 2-Storybook Set are also available as digital products. The digital storybooks include audio files.
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The Zones of Regulation Elementary School

Award-Winning Zones of Regulation Tools for Tweens & Teens Ages 11-18+

Award-winning Tools to Try Cards for Tweens &Teens was developed to speak to the hearts and minds of this age group. It provides direct instruction on 50 regulation tools and metacognitive strategies. Tools to Try Cards for Tweens & Teens is also an important resource to use with the Navigating The Zones game and its graduated competitive-play Advanced Pack. This very practical card deck travels easily and should also to be used to remind students of their choices to assist regulation of their feelings across environments (school, home, and community) to encourage their autonomy. This card deck is also available as a digital product.
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The Zones of Regulation for Tweens and Teens

Free Stuff to use with The Zones of Regulation

Resources to use at school & home

Further supplement the development of your students’ regulation as part of their social emotional learning with these free, timely strategies and tools when specifically using The Zones of Regulation curriculum to help individuals ages 5-18+. These free resources provide select examples of deeper instruction when using some of the 11 Zones of Regulation products.

We will be posting new free Zones of Regulation activities as quickly and as often as we can, so check back often!

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The Zones of Regulation Free Stuff

Free Video Lesson & Handout


Free step-by-step guide to making your own Zones of Regulation check-in


Download Free Handout

The Zones of Regulation can help us think and talk about how we are feeling. Follow these easy steps to make your own Zones check-in for everyone to use in your home.

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Missed the Virtual Launch Party?


Watch the recording of our new Zones of Regulation product launch here

Michelle Garcia Winner, CEO of Social Thinking, joined authors Leah Kuypers and Elizabeth Sautter on March 16th to introduce viewers to four new Zones of Regulation products.

Bundle & Save on The Zones of Regulation

Budget-Conscious Bundles of Books, Card Decks, and Games for Ages 5-18+

Explore our convenient Zones of Regulation product bundles that help teach and implement The Zones of Regulation framework, curriculum, and strategies across developmental ages in mainstream primary and secondary classrooms—and save while you’re doing it!

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The Zones of Regulation Bundles

The Zones of Regulation Digital Products


Explore The Zones of Regulation Strategies on Any Screen!

Make it easy to teach, explore, learn, and practice regulation and emotional control strategies on any screen with our Zones of Regulation digital products.


The Zones of Regulation app and the Exploring Emotions app supplement the lessons in the curriculum book with interactive games filled with adventure and rewards. Apps available on the Apple App Store and Google.

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