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Perspective Taking in the Classroom

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Recognizing and Understanding Our Own & Others’ Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

As we begin another school year, perspective taking is something our students are required to do every day, all day. Whether working in a group, reading a book, hanging out, or writing for others, understanding another’s point of view is embedded in every school’s curriculum. Perspective taking also helps us be consciously aware of each other and consider the thoughts, feelings, and intentions as we participate in and work our way through social situations.


Perspective taking is what helps us make sense of social situations—where we are, who is there with us, and what’s happening—even when we aren’t actively interacting with each other. Perspective taking helps us regulate our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and adjust what we do and say to meet our own and others’ social goals—whether we’re playing a game, enjoying a family meal, learning in a group, or driving a car. Our ability to take perspective is a developmental learning process that impacts everything we experience in the social world. Most of us begin learning to take perspective intuitively as infants, but those with social learning differences and/or challenges may need explicit guidance and tools. It’s that important.

The Social Thinking Methodology deconstructs the perspective taking process to make each element visible, understandable, and doable. We explain terms such as emotional regulation, Alexithymia, and social learning differences. Its evidence-informed conceptual and teaching frameworks show interventionists, children, students, and clients how the social world works and why through concrete, explicit vocabulary and step-by-step instruction. And it provides developmentally based strategies and engaging activities to support social learners ages four to adult in moving toward improvement in their own social goals.

Explore our broad range of products, online courses, conferences, and free resources for teaching practical concepts, vocabulary, and strategies to help guide social learners in some of the most significant learning of their lives.



The Social Thinking Methodology provides evidence-based strategies to help people of all ages develop their social competencies, flexible thinking & social problem solving and improve: conversation & social connection, executive functioning, friendship & relationship development, perspective taking, self-regulation, and Social Thinking vocabulary.

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Allison King | MS, CCC-SLP
Social Thinking San Jose, Clinical Director

Everyone has thoughts! How do we know what other people are thinking? How can we let other people know what we are thinking about? How do we get thoughts from one brain to another? The only way to do it is to bridge your brains!

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Did you know that asking for help requires self-awareness of one’s own perspective taking? All individuals need help at times, but needing help doesn’t mean you don’t know anything at all. We created a simple Asking for Help Strategy Card that breaks down the amount of help a student needs. This free video lesson & strategy card is part of our in depth 60-minute free webinar: Perspective Taking in the Classroom.

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What is Social Thinking?


Strategies to Build Social Competencies

The Social Thinking Methodology provides evidence-based strategies to help people ages four through adult develop their social competencies, flexible thinking & social problem solving to meet their own social goals and improve:

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