Zones Storybook Set + Zones Tools to Try Cards for Kids Bundle

Leah Kuypers Elizabeth Sautter

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  • Ages: 5-10
  • Format: Bundle without Games
  • ISBN: 7220
  • Published: 2021


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Digital version of this bundle must be purchased separatelyonly on our Digital Products page (not printable).

Are you teaching the award-winning The Zones of Regulation curriculum to children at developmental ages 5-11? This bundle provides two engaging, visual ways to supplement and extend regulation curriculum lessons with fidelity. This set contains two award-winning sequential storybooks with relatable characters, social scenarios, and metacognitive strategies that bring regulation lessons to life. They introduce each of the four Zones of Regulation and then explore tools and strategies children can use to learn to manage their feelings within a specific Zone, whether they are at school or home. Award-winning Tools to Try Cards for Kids is a strategy card deck that introduces children to over 50 multisensory regulation tools demonstrated by characters from the second storybook. This card deck provides step-by-step descriptions for how to use each tool to focus, calm, think, move, breathe, or connect. Versatile and perfect for use at school, at home, and in therapeutic settings.

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A multiple award winner!
The Zones of Regulation 2-Storybook Set

Join Gabriel and his classmates as they learn about The Zones of Regulation through two storybooks. The first, The Road to Regulation, helps students become more aware of their bodies and feelings and describes the four colored Zones of Regulation used to think and talk about these feelings. Through a colorful, imaginary adventure to “The Regulation Station,” the second storybook introduces the use of “tools” (or metacognitive strategies) to help students identify ways they can learn to manage their different feelings at school and home. Use this two-storybook set with relatable characters and situations to help children at developmental ages 5-11 learn the easy-to-use framework and the popular self-regulation curriculum. These storybooks are intended to be used in sequence, alongside related lessons within the original curriculum book, The Zones of Regulation, or alongside The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum. Buy it at a discount as part of the bundle or, individually for full price. Digital version of this two-book set must be purchased separatelyonly on Apple Books and Google Play (not printable) with an audio feature for accessibility.

Tools to Try Cards for Kids
Learning to regulate our Zones takes time and lots of practice. Award-winning Tools to Try Cards for Kids is an easy-to-use, engaging way to introduce over 50 regulation strategies to kids ages 5-10 and empower them to make choices toward figuring out what works best for them. Every card portrays a relatable child performing a regulation tool on one side and a how-to-do-it description on the reverse. Each card includes a metacognitive self-reflection where kids consider how they feel after using the tool, how it can be used to help them regulate their Zones, and decide whether it’s the right tool for them. This hands-on, multi-sensory card deck supplements The Zones of Regulation curriculum and pairs well with the Navigating The Zones cooperative game and The Zones 2-Storybook Set. Buy it at a discount as part of the bundle, or individually for full price. Digital version must be purchased separatelyonly on Apple Books and Google Play (not printable).

Note: The Road to Regulation Poster is sold separately. Adapted from two pages in The Regulation Station storybook, this award-winning 24”x18” poster reviews the four steps needed to (1) recognize our feelings, (2) identify our Zone, (3) choose a tool, and (4) use the tool to help regulate.

Learn about the latest evolution of the Zones of Regulation theory and framework in the new book, Getting Into The Zones of Regulation™: The Complete Framework and Digital Curriculum Companion.

The original curriculum book, The Zones of Regulation, is available upon request for a limited time by contacting our Customer Service department.

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Teaching The Zones with Integrity | Nov 2022

Author(s): A Letter from Leah Kuypers, Creator of The Zones of Regulation

Leah Kuypers, the creator and author of The Zones of Regulation reminds us that The Zones should never be used as a behavioral or compliance model. It is designed and intended to offer positive and proactive instruction that helps people gain an understanding of their feelings and find adaptive tools and strategies for communication, coping, and wellness. She offers six points for guiding best practice when implementing and teaching The Zones of Regulation.

Do We Really Need to “Get Back to the Green Zone”? We Think Not. | Jun 2024

Author(s): Guest author: Emily LaShorne Walz, MS-Special Education LD/EBD/DCD, Implementation Specialist, The Zones of Regulation

Those of you who are seasoned users of The Zones of Regulation framework are very familiar with the core tenet and phrase “All the Zones are OK.” So, if we really mean that all the Zones are OK, why are we asking kids to “get back to Green”? When it comes to The Zones of Regulation, it is imperative to state, restate, and restate again that there is no “good Zone” or “bad Zone,” and that all Zones—the full rainbow spectrum of emotions—are expected in life.

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