Growing Feelings & Friendships Bundle

Eileen Kennedy-Moore Christine McLaughlin

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  • Ages: 6 - 12
  • Pages: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Published: 2023


Friendship is complicated for most kids—and their biggest emotions often come up about friends and other kids. Save 10% with this bundle of two hands-on, kid-friendly guides that can help them understand, manage, and communicate their feelings & emotions in healthy ways and learn strategies to build and maintain caring friendships. In these two books, the authors deftly combine humor, cartoons, and accessible strategies to support children in serious learning about what’s most important to them now—knowledge that can help guide them in friendships throughout their lives.

Growing Friendships: A Kids’ Guide to Making and Keeping Friends
Friendship is complicated for kids. Children everywhere want to be liked, fit in with a group, and be good at sports—but most kids struggle at times. This practical, research-based friendship guide has plenty of true-to-life examples presented through more than 200 lighthearted cartoons that make learning fun for kids. With this book, children learn strategies to help them build meaningful friendships and navigate the challenges that come up along the way. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately at full price.

Growing Feelings: A Kids' Guide to Dealing with Emotions about Friends and Other Kids
Children’s biggest emotions often come up about friends and other kids. This entertaining and empowering book addresses a wide range of feelings children have about friends and other kids, including worry, guilt, jealousy, compassion, and gratitude. Through relatable cartoon stories, practical, research-based coping strategies, plus silly commentary from a cat and dog who have their own (questionable) ideas about what might help, kids get a hands-on approach that they can put into practice. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately at full price.

About the Authors

Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, is an internationally published author, psychologist, and mother of four. She is a trusted expert on parenting and children’s feelings and friendships who is frequently quoted in major magazines and newspapers and has been a featured guest on national radio and television shows. Her books have been translated into seven languages. She is a professor for the Great Courses, serves on the advisory board for Parents magazine, and writes the popular Growing Friendships blog for Psychology Today, that has over 4 million views ( She also has a website for kids called Dr. Kennedy-Moore has a private practice in Princeton, New Jersey, where she works with adults, children, and families.

Christine McLaughlin is a mom to three boys, as well as a prolific writer, editor, and author. With several hundred nonfiction articles to her credit—published in popular magazines and websites—her written work focuses mainly on parenting and health topics. She is the author of eight books including Growing Friendships and Growing Feelings (both written with Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore), The Dog Lover’s Companion to Philadelphia, and American Red Cross: Dog First Aid and American Red Cross: Cat First Aid. Learn more at

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