Thinksheets for Teaching Social Thinking and Related Skills

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  • Ages: 8-18
  • Pages: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781936943159
  • Published: 2014


This best-selling book provides 175+ ready-to-use mini-lessons to break down, discuss, and then teach Social Thinking® concepts with kids ages 8-18+ to help them begin to understand and internalize their social thinking and behaviors. Derived from years of direct work with students with social emotional learning challenges—including individuals with autism spectrum levels 1 or 2, social (pragmatic) communication disorder, ADHD—these versatile thinksheets can be used at home or school, one-on-one, or in larger group sessions. Age-coded, the thinksheets are organized into categories that include friendship, perspective taking, self-monitoring, effective communication, problem solving, and more. These concepts can be readily adapted by educators for a variety of activities. And teachers, therapists, parents, and other caregivers can also copy and send the material to other stakeholders in the individual’s life to support student learning throughout the day, making Thinksheets a powerful teaching supplement to Thinking About YOU Thinking About ME and Think Social!

Recommended Teaching & Learning Pathway

Thinksheets for Teaching Social Thinking and Related Skills is more powerful when taught with other materials. Teaching social concepts should follow a natural sequence, from simple to complex, to support student learning. The following Teaching & Learning Pathway outlines the recommended teaching sequence by age group. As with our products, this pathway is relevant to clinicians, educators, parents—anyone helping a person develop their social competencies.

  • Core Methodology: All Ages
  • Ages 8-18

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