Thinksheets for Teaching Social Thinking and Related Skills

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  • Ages: 8-18
  • Pages: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781936943159
  • Published: 2014


This best-selling book provides 175+ ready-to-use mini thinking-based lesson plans and activities (i.e., Thinksheets) to break down, discuss, and then teach Social Thinking® concepts for teaching social learners ages 8-18+. Derived from years of direct work with neurodiverse students—including individuals with social (pragmatic) communication differences or challenges, ADHD, and autism spectrum levels 1 or 2, —these versatile thinksheets can be used at home or school, one-on-one, or in larger group sessions. Age-coded, the thinksheets are organized into categories that include friendship, perspective taking, self-monitoring, effective communication, problem solving, and more. These concepts can be readily adapted by educators for a variety of activities.

Recommended Teaching & Learning Pathway

Thinksheets for Teaching Social Thinking and Related Skills is more powerful when taught with other materials. Teaching social concepts should follow a natural sequence, from simple to complex, to support student learning. The following Teaching & Learning Pathway outlines the recommended teaching sequence by age group. As with our products, this pathway is relevant to clinicians, educators, parents—anyone helping a person develop their social competencies.

  • Core Methodology: All Ages
  • Ages 8-18

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