Exciting and Important Changes Are Coming!

Larry has been listening to many different voices lately. He is so grateful for all the people who have spoken up and taught him about the wide variety of listening skills of people of all neurologies, disabilities, races, genders, religions, and cultures.

When Larry first learned about whole body listening in 2011, he was so excited because he thought it was helpful and he wanted to share it with others. He heard adults tell kids to “pay attention” and “listen to me” and wanted to help explain to children what they were asking of them. However, Larry failed to reflect on how people listen and learn in so many different ways and, therefore, created a “standard” for listening that caused stress and perpetuated ableism. Now that he knows better, he will do better. He wants to share what he has learned from his friends, amplify their voices, and continue to grow himself.

Stay tuned for new resources from Larry and his friends that challenge the way we support listeners and embrace inclusion and acceptance of all learners.

Whole Body Listening Larry
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