Early Learners (ages 4-7)

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The We Thinkers! series helps children build foundational social competencies and essential life skills through stories, lessons, and play activities. The teachings help kids better understand themselves and others, develop self-awareness, perspective taking, social problem solving, and supports students’ social-emotional learning, relationship building, classroom learning, and academic performance. The material is designed to be used with both typically developing children and those with social learning challenges. The series, which is broken into Volume 1 and Volume 2, is used and loved around the world by kids, parents, and professionals alike.


For virtual tools to help you reach kids during these emotionally fragile times, check out the free read aloud and downloadable resources below. Please do NOT repost or sell them on sharing or educational platforms. If you have questions, refer to our IP guidelines for more information about copyright and trademark restrictions. 

We Thinkers Series: Free Downloadable Thinksheets

Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings

Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings
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The Group Plan

The Group Plan Thinksheet Image
Download Thinksheet

Thinking with Your Eyes

Think with your eyes
Download Thinksheet

Body in/out of the Group

Body in the Group Thinksheet
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Smart Guess

Smart Guess
Download Thinksheet

We Thinkers Series: Body Out of the Group Read Aloud

Body Out of the Group?
A Group Plan for Social Distancing (Read by Kari Zweber Palmer)

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