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Most people are born with an intuitive sense of the social world that allows them to naturally be aware of social expectations and feeds them the information they need to follow the social code. But not everyone is born with intuitive social understanding. Social learning differences and/or challenges can be especially noticeable in the workplace, where it’s assumed employees understand not only how to do their job but how to effectively work in a group, understand the hidden rules of office etiquette and office politics, and build and maintain solid professional relationships with others.

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This award-winning book unpacks the power of our social cognition. It’s written for both neurotypcial and Neurodivergent adult readers to better understand the powerful ways in which we “read” not only what people mean by what they say, but also how others perceive how we emotionally relate. The title reflects a problem experienced by so many clients who report their “good intentions” were met with disappointing outcomes as they worked towards their social goals. This book is also a good primer for neurotypical employers/employees or HR departments to read about the experiences and perspectives of Neurodivergent coworkers, and perhaps develop empathy for the complexity of the bi-directional social learning process. Provides practical strategies for how to effectively work in a group, understand the hidden rules of the social world—including workplace etiquette and politics—and build relationships.

Available on Apple Books and Google Play.


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