Dr. Tracey Marks

Keynote Speaker Tracey Marks


Dr. Tracey Marks is a seasoned psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience in both general and forensic psychiatry. Renowned for her commitment to bridging the mental health knowledge gap, she educates over a million viewers through her YouTube channel, @DrTraceyMarks. Her mission is centered on enhancing understanding of psychiatric disorders, promoting mental well-being, and fostering self-improvement. Dr. Marks emphasizes that gaining insight is key to both personal growth and reducing societal stigma.

As a respected forensic psychiatrist, she has provided over 1,000 expert opinions for various legal proceedings. In addition to her media contributions, including commentary for CNN and HLN, Dr. Marks maintains a clinical practice focusing on mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and burnout. Her 2022 book, 'Why Am I So Anxious? Powerful Tools for Recognizing Anxiety and Restoring Your Peace,' exemplifies her dedication to empowering individuals on their mental health journey.


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