Our Methodology

Our teachings help people understand themselves and others to better navigate the social world, foster relationships, and improve their performance at school, at home, and at work. Our unique tools break down complex social concepts (like perspective taking) into understandable and doable parts that can be applied in any setting. For over 20 years our experts have been a guiding resource for schools, clinics, and families around the world, and our teachings continually evolve based on the latest research and clinical insights. Whether you're helping individuals with ADHD, autism spectrum levels 1 or 2, social communication disorders, or an entire class of typically-developing students—our strategies can help you help them.
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Social Thinking

Our Speaking & Training Team

The Social Thinking Training & Speakers' Collaborative (STTSC) is a team of professionals, all of whom are experienced teachers, clinicians or counselors. The team is led by Michelle Garcia Winner (founder of Social Thinking) and Dr. Pamela Crooke; who have hand-picked the other members of the STTSC from regions around the USA. The Mission of the STTSC is to provide evidence based information and practical strategies for parents, professionals, family members, children/students as well as adults living with social learning challenges to be used in schools, homes, the community as well as across work settings. The collaborative members provide all-day conference trainings as well as customized on-going hourly trainings; they share practical strategies related to social learning across a large range of content and contexts in a down to earth and engaging manner.
Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia Winner Founder & CEO Social Thinking • MA, CCC-SLP
Pamela Crooke PhD, CCC-SLP • Co-developer of the Social Thinking® Methodology • Chief Curriculum Officer
Kari Zweber Palmer MA, CCC-SLP
Ryan Hendrix MS, CCC-SLP
Nancy Clements MA, CCC-SLP
Nancy Tarshis MA, MS, CCC-SLP
Renee Attaway-Storer MS, CCC-SLP
Beckham Linton MA, CCC-SLP
Ariela Jokel PhD, CCC-SLP
Chithra Kathiresan B. App. Sc., SLP

Personalized Training for Your School or Clinic

Social Thinking offers a wide array of all day and partial day courses and embedded school trainings to fit your needs. Our speakers collectively instruct over 15 courses offering practical concepts and strategies to boost the social learning process and academic achievement that can be used across settings, such as in the classroom, on the playground, at home, at work, and in the community. Each course covers a specific topic, from working with early learners, to the transition to adulthood; to helping mature adults improve executive functioning skills. Each speaker has unique specialties that align with the courses they instruct.
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Our Headquarters Team

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Our Headquarters

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8am - 4:30pm Pacific Time


Closed on major US holidays

Back Row (left to right): Spencer Charlton, former Director of Finance; Nate Kretz, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Operations; Heidi Winner, former Director of Marketing; Vanessa Alcantar, Operations Assistant and Clinical Training Manager; Marina Kashlinsky, Processing & Inventory Manager; Karen Nijjar, former Staff Accountant; Sarah Osteraas, Marketing & Training Project Manager; Marisa Smith, former Director of Social Media & Blogging Network; Melissa Watkins, former Marketing Project Coordinator; Michelle Hulshof, former Special Projects, Marketing & Conference Coordinator; Quynh Nguyen, former Staff Accountant; Kathy Knudson, Customer Service & Order Processing


Front Row (left to right): Lilah Aguada, Senior Coordinator of Customer Service; Michelle Garcia Winner, Founder of Social Thinking; Ivana Pignatelli, Chief Digital Officer; Veronica Zysk, former Senior Director of Product Development & Intellectual Property; Pamela Crooke, Chief Curriculum Officer; David Yanez, Sr. Coordinator – Special Projects (All Departments)


Not pictured: Sarah Halicki, Senior Coordinator of Product Development; Tina Ponzetti, Assistant/Special Projects; Elena Samsonova, Director of Conference Planning & Continuing Education; Trisha Brady, Intellectual Property Manager; Susan Rojo, Digital Marketing Manager; Terry Nyquist, General Staff Writer & Editor; Mary Ann Hall, Director of Publishing and Product Production; Christelle Couturier, Senior Marketing Manager; Ryan Caro, Staff Accountant; Nhi Nguyen, Director of Accounting; Michelle Bernard, Social Media Manager; Grace Lee, Creative Marketing Specialist.

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